Laid-back kontorfellesskap Alexander Kiellands pl.

Kiellands Hus shopping center (downstairs), Waldemar Thranes gate 72, 0173 Oslo

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Hvem er vi?

We currently have members working in the following areas:

- Aquaponics - self regulating ecosystem for growing food with fish
- Environment and sustainability
- Sunscreening
- IT consulting/programming
- Photography
- Journalism
- Sales
- Masters studies

We welcome new members within any area, and believe that positivity and passion are the most important attributes to bring into our community.

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The Kasbah Hub is a dynamic and laid-back coworking space & community center with flexible memberships, engaging events and passion for change.

Flex 6 days 800,-/month
Flex 12 days 1400,-/month
Flex desk 2200,-/month (use any free desk available)
Fixed desk 2800,-/month (have your own desk that only you can use)
Access Mon-Sun 07-23.
Events can take place 17-23 every weekday and on weekends.


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Hvor er kontorplassen?

Kiellands Hus shopping center (downstairs), Waldemar Thranes gate 72, 0173 Oslo

Hvordan kommer du deg enklest hit?

We are located in Kiellands Hus shopping center in Alexander Kiellands plass. Downstairs between Nille and Apotek1 (and Coop/ Vinmonopolet).